The Bridgslaughter Horror Film Festival is a free event, with an optional donation to The Hub. An opportunity for you to watch a large number of short horror films from 13 countries around the world.

These films are available to watch at several film festivals around the world, and this is the first of many film festivals to take place, in various genres, coming to Bridgwater, brought to you by Bridgwater News.

These are the films being shown:

Banshee Canada
Beta Germany
Bitch, Popcorn & Blood France
Call Out United Kingdom
Chimes Germany
Cutthroat United Kingdom
Cutthroat Philippines
Detour United States
Don’t Turn Around Canada
Doppelgänger Australia
Framed Ireland
Gotas (Drops) Spain
Hunger – A Short Film Australia
Marta Spain
Murder House United States
Nocnitsa United Kingdom
Porcelain Stare Switzerland
Quack United States
Reflection Australia
Return to Sender United States
Samantha Canada
SLASHED! United Kingdom
Slayer Czech Republic
Squint United Kingdom
The Audition United States
The Ballad of a Haunted Man United Kingdom
The Dollhouse United States
The Man Outside The Window United Kingdom
The Tenth Commandment Australia
The Whistler Canada
The Woodsmen Canada
This will end badly United States
Trash Talk Israel
U.S. Butcher Russian Federation
White United Kingdom


Over the next few months, we will be posting trailers, interviews and other information about each of the films, along with details on the venue.

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