As our 1000th published post, it seems apt that we would be letting you know of changes coming to Bridgwater Magazine, following 15 months of trial and error.

The important thing for us, is to be a useful website, and to that end, we have made the decision to still provide news, but to concentrate more on being a magazine, with articles on the town (including the current 5 mile radius) and its people.

The new logo when the new-look website is released

There are various reasons for this change, one of which is trying to get press releases sent to us is like adding a second E on social media and not getting a response – almost impossible.  We spend hours each day trawling through the web to find stories, though there are some organisations that do send them to us, and we thank you.

From now on we will, as previously mentioned, share some news, but we want to be a source of information and inspiration, sharing what is good about Bridgwater – and there is a lot that is good.  We want to let you know about what people are doing, whether this is looking at their independent business or that they have decided to take a baked beans bath for charity.

We will also be looking at Bridgwater’s past. Not just the past in the mists of time, but talking to people about their memories.

Another aspect of the magazine will be geared towards tourism, and what we can do to promote tourism in Bridgwater.

Finally, we would like to hear from you. What would you like to see in Bridgwater Magazine, what should we be writing about and what can you be writing about?


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