Opening hours at all 16 Somerset recycling sites have changed. 

For Bridgwater (Saltlands) Open daily except Wed

All recycling sites now operate to 4pm Saturdays and Sundays, and to 6pm on open summer weekdays.

Keeping all 16 sites open and reflecting site users’ demands, each site’s hours help limit congestion and carefully match existing use and future needs as Somerset’s housing stock and population grow:

• Year-round 9am-4pm weekend hours at all sites on Saturdays and Sundays
• Later summer (6pm Apr-Sep) and winter (5pm Oct-Mar) weekday closing
• Same or more days at 10 sites; extra days at Chard and Wells (Dulcote)
• Fewer days at six, such as saved-from-closure Crewkerne and Dulverton
• No site closures and an end to £2 cash entry fees by April 2020
• Reflecting low early use, all sites start work at 9am
• Underused 7pm Monday evenings to end

For site-by-site details of all changes, visit:…/

The changes, from behind the scenes improvements to later hours on weekdays and at most sites on weekends, form part of a contract extension deal that is saving a total of more than £14 million.

For site-by-site details of all changes, visit:…/

Flyers with details have been available at all sites.

Agreed last November by Somerset Waste Board’s councillors from all local authorities, the sites upgrade are part of the transformation of waste services.

That includes, rolling out from next year, taking a much wider range of plastics and other materials in weekly recycling, with three-weekly collections of the resulting far emptier rubbish bins, and switching from landfilling refuse in Somerset to incinerating almost all of it in Avonmouth to generate electricity.

Key points on the upgrade:

Why are all sites now open 9am-4pm all weekend year-round?
• One-third of all visits to sites are on Saturdays and Sundays
• Public and staff feedback highlighted importance of later Sunday opening

Why longer weekday summer opening hours?
• About 50,000 (45%) more visits per month in summer than in winter
• First hour (8am to 9am) had very few visits; just 7.5% of overall numbers.
• Ending underused late Mondays helped sites stay open to 6pm in summer

How did the site-by-site review help?
• Evidence-based approach to reviewing each site’s opening hours to meet local demand, based on site capacity, usage and forecast housing growth to 2035
• Four sites open one day less per week, cost-effectively meeting future demand
• Opening day changes at three sites balance nearby openings elsewhere
• Ensured the 16-site network stayed open, helping meet environmental goals

Recycling site stats and facts
• Somerset’s 16 recycling sites had more than 1.6 million visits in 2017-18
• Average site recycling rate is impressive 77%, among the highest in the country
• 90%+ of materials recycled via sites is recycled in the UK, the vast majority of that in Somerset
• Users can now recycle all household and food plastic pots, tubs, trays, including black plastics (16 sites), and plastic-lined beverage cartons and single-use paper cups (all sites except Castle Cary, Cheddar, Dulverton, Somerton)
• Users value the convenience of local sites; 95% use only one site

For site-by-site details of all changes, visit:

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