Last night, 24th August, we met Jordan Hill backstage before his show, An Evening with Jordan Hill, which was a sell out.

Speaking with Jordan, we asked him how it felt to be the go to entertainer of Bridgwater?

Laughing, he told us,

“Being recognised is brilliant, and an honour.

“I have always wanted to be an entertainer, not on the radio or television, but to be able to do gigs.

“I started just over 7 years ago, July 2012 in fact, at the Pig and Whistle at the bottom of Parkway, with a tankard for people to tip me what they thought I was worth.”

Jordan told us his motto was ‘a lot of kit for one man’.

“One thing I am is a perfectionist, rehearsed and scripted, with the production, lighting and sound as it should be.”

He continued,

“I have 8 crew helping with tonights production and I am so honoured that it is a sell out.

“I want the people of Bridgwater to have a great night out and get more than what they have paid for.”

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Leading up to Jordan’s act, we were entertained by a young Jazz player, who played guitar  non-stop for about 30 minutes, he was very talented, we were told that Jordan takes every opportunity that he can, to help young performers.

As we waited for Jordan to come out, the lights lit the stage up and the crowd started to chant, ‘we want Jordan’ it raised the roof and when Jordan came on the stage the cheers followed suit.

We were entertained by Jordan and dancers. During his time on the stage, he sang and played non-stop for 2 hours  He sang so many songs that brought the Town Hall audience to their feet, nobody wanted it to end.

An absolutely fun-filled night.

The show was to raise money for the pantomine this year, where Jordan is playing Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Jordan wanted to let you know that he has his new single, Jumble Paradise on various music platforms including Amazon, alongside two other songs, Dedication Song and Dancin’ all Night.

Jordan Hill Music Facebook Page

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