When a photo came to light on social media this morning, it would appear that postal workers in Bridgwater are on strike, but it isn’t clear if this is an official strike, unofficial or not a strike at all.

One postal worker said on Facebook,

“Work areas and vans are not being cleaned. There is no soap , no hand gel and we are being made to stand side-by-side to sort your mail.”

However, another postal worker has said that there is not a strike, so it is all uncertain.

Many Facebook users have said that while the postal workers are on strike for being forced to stand close together, this is exactly what they are doing whilst outside. Others said that NHS staff are being made to do much worse than this.

If you have any information on what is taking place, please let us know, so that we can clear this up.

We would like to thank the person who sent us the photo to be used for this story.


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