This is the message Avon and Somerset Police, Underwater Search and Rescue Team is sending out ahead of the festive party season.

Sgt Nick Evans, from the team, said:

“We want everyone to enjoy themselves safely this Christmas.

“We know that sometimes on nights out, people might not want the pressure from their friends to carry on drinking, or to stay out later, so they will just leave without saying goodbye.

“But everyone is more vulnerable when they’re alone, especially near water. This is why we’re encouraging people to look out for their friends on nights out, and make sure they get home.

“Please watch our video and follow the advice below to make sure we don’t meet any of your friends this Christmas.”

  • Plan your journey home in advance. Pre-book a taxi or find a registered one on the night. If your home is within walking distance, go via a well-lit route that isn’t near water.
  • Be a good friend. If someone wants to go home early, respect their wishes and make sure they get home safely.
  • Don’t enter water after drinking – and don’t let your friends do this either.
  • If someone does end up in water after drinking, always call 999.

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