I previously wrote about being a pantser and just going ahead and writing your book, but this isn’t always the way that people want to do it. Some people want to be a planner, and that is what I’ll be looking at today.

A planner is somebody who wants to do their research and set things up before even starting to write their book, but this can take on a number of levels. You may want to be the ultimate planner and have every part of your book mapped out before you get going, you will have researched everything about every situation, character and location. You will know who your characters are going to be, exactly what they are going to do and you will know every location where they will be found throughout the book. You may even have set out each chapter, so that you know what will happen, when it will happen and how it will happen.

If you are a planner, you may find that it takes a lot of both time and work to get everything to where you want it to be before you get started, but once you have done all of this work, it is a simple process of taking these notes and virtually fill in the gaps. You will know everything that is happening, so you can simply write it all down.

Doing things this way may even turn out to be quicker, as it will likely take less rewrites, due to the amount of work you have put into ensuring that everything makes sense, that everything that should happen does happen and nothing is added which will start to make things fall apart.

While some would see this as being extremely boring, others will see it as being productive.


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