For a while, it has seemed that those on Facebook have been showing who would likely be a collaborator on the other side of the Channel 70 years ago.

It seems that many people have been changing the law, by saying things have been said by the Government when they have not, and making decisions on what people should be doing without knowing the facts. There have been many people saying that the Government has said that only one person from a family is allowed to go shopping, when this is not the case. What about a single parent? Do they keep the children home alone? Do the children have to stay at a safe distance?

You could come to expect this from social media, where such a large collection of experts reside. Who knew we had so many experts in Bridgwater. However, it seems that the police are now looking for this information from you, with their new grass a neighbour innitiative.

Avon & Somerset Police now have a form where you can let them know exactly what your neighbours are up to, allowing them to have eyes everywhere. While there may be reasons for this, it comes across more as the police using their extra powers and making the most of it. Do any of us know why our neighbours are leaving the house, and while individuals may be leaving the house, for unknown reasons, it seems perfectly ok for HPC to ignore the advice, with no reprisals.

Yes, we do need to listen to the advice from the Government and NHS, but we also need to be careful about the powers we are giving away, and the way we want to be a community.


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