So you want to be an author?

It may appear to be a daunting task when you look at everything that you need to do, but if you take it all one step at a time, then it isn’t daunting at all, in fact, it is a very simple process.

In this series of articles, I will be going through those steps, giving advice on what you can do and providing you with ideas on what you can do to make this your reality.

As well as these articles, we will also have others written by established authors, those who, at one stage, have been in exactly the same position as you may be now, whether that be just having the thought that you would like to write a book, wanting to get going, needing help with problem areas such as writers block, getting published/self-published or even letting people know that your book is already out there and available for them to buy.

What questions do you have?

it is much better for all of us for you to contact us with any questions that you have regarding this subject, as we can then write the articles that will answer those questions. If one person is wantng to know something, it is very likely that many others will also be wanting to ask the same question.

To send us a question or an article suggestion, please use the contact form.

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