Discussion Point

The toilets in Blake gardens are still closed, meaning that those who really need the use of these facilities are having to find alternatives, which isn’t so easy.

The simplest solution would be to reopen these toilets, but they do appear to be a hub for drug users, meaning that the problems would remain. Not only would the toilets be in a disgusting state, which was the reason for them being closed originally, but the drug users will continue to congregate in this area.

It has been suggested to us, that if there was a park warden, they would be able to keep an eye on the toilets as a part of their duties and that there is obviously the money there if Sedgemoor District Council can afford to give a £500,000 loan to a commercial business. However, we see a problem with this.

Putting aside the loan, hiring somebody would have to be cost-effective, and the park is not used enough for this to be the case. The park warden would spend more of his or her time sitting down in an empty park than doing anything else, as the park is not used as much as it could be, especially as we are now heading towards colder weather.

Another solution would be more police controls in the area, but then you will just see the drug users running off when the police arrive and returning as soon as they had gone.

Maybe the solution would be to have public toilets in the high street where they are more visible. Maybe some in the shops where they can be better controlled.

What do you think?

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