Now the Carnival is out the way, we will be working towards Bridgslaughter 2 Horror Film Festival at the Bridgwater Arts Centre, Saturday 9th November 2pm until 8pm. We will be showing films from all over the world and in talks with a couple of filmmakers who will be attending. Keep an eye out as we will be sharing various articles on the films being shown as well as trailers.

Bridgwater Arts Centre
Saturday 9th November 2019
2pm – 8pm
Tickets are £3 with all money going to the Arts Centre
Purchase Tickets online or from the Arts Centre

Blue Blood – Netherlands

Two female hikers wake up in the middle of the forest, unaware of how they got there. Faced with a masked evil they are forced to fight for their lives in a ritualistic occult hunt. Can they survive?

Children – Shepton Mallet, UK

Welcome to the sleepy town of Autumn – a sleepy town like no other. Autumn has had a turbulent past and it’s present is no different. In this idyllic little town, it has become increasingly common for boys to disappear. Where are they? You ask. This mystery has perplexed many for generations.

However, this is all about to change…

Closer – UK

Stumbling across ASMR videos late one night, Sarah is intrigued by the phenomenon and its calming effects. She accidentally ventures down this online rabbit hole and a suspicious video pops up and automatically plays. Plagued by phantom whispers and apparitions, she is unsure if everything is in her head or real.

Creaker – Norway

A girl wakes up at night when her bedroom door creaks open.

Tomorrow we will be sharing the next four films being shown.



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