Check out the next five films being shown at Bridgslaughter 2 Horror Film Festival at the Bridgwater Arts Centre, Saturday 9th November 2pm until 8pm. We will be showing films from all over the world and in talks with a couple of filmmakers who will be attending. Keep an eye out as we will be sharing various articles on the films being shown as well as trailers.

Bridgwater Arts Centre
Saturday 9th November 2019
2pm – 8pm
Tickets are £3 with all money going to the Arts Centre
Purchase Tickets online or from the Arts Centre

Banshee – Canada

While she was under the supervision of her big sister, Olivia got lost into the woods over night and got back with something different. She didn’t come back alone.

[videopress rm11GWd8]

White – UK

White Man arrives to the Transition Centre Plus after dying of food poisoning in a cruise.
There he is informed that he cannot be white in his next life. This triggers a ridiculous but insightful conversation about what it is to be white and its undeserved privileges.

Porcelain Stare  – Switzerland

A young girl is invited for tea by an old woman. Little does she know that the woman harbours a terrible secret that will soon be uncovered.

The Whistler – Canada

Lindsey is forced to babysit her sister, Becky, one night, when, after innocently falling asleep, wakes up to find her sister gone. Someone may have taken Becky and could be after her as well…


[videopress oOfD7Mz0]

Nocnitsa – UK

“Nocnitsa” is a short story developed from a horror story made popular by a Reddit blogger. The original story featured in a blog called “Two-sentence horror stories”. The producer loved this story so much he contacted the writer to ask to bring his terrifying story to life.

Nocnitsa is Polish for “Night-hag” which is were we get the term “nightmare” – and this story is what we all fear when we turn out the lights and pray for daybreak!

Tomorrow we will be sharing the last five films being shown.



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