We are nearing the day the Bridgslaughter Horror Film Festival comes to The Cobblestones, Saturday 15th June, 2pm – 8pm (free entry), so while we sort out the schedule, we will be sharing daily, four films that will be shown.

BANSHEE (Canada)

Starting with Banshee which was written by Adam, O’Brien, Julien Maisonneuve, Trevor Botkins and Jerome Gariepy, Adam O’Brien also directed and produced this little spooky short.

Banshee is about two sisters, while she was under the supervision of her big sister, Olivia got lost into the woods over night and got back with something different. She didn’t come back alone.


BETA (Germany)

Our second film is Beta, although this is in German, the subtitles do not distract from the feel of horror that is being shown.

Captivated, a young woman finds herself in a cold room without any recollection on how she got there. Two men are alone with her, both captors try everything to get information from her.  Beta is an action short film with a strong female protagonist created by Annika Kähler and Kai Erfurt. A no budget project supported by many German filmmakers.



Our third short film is Bitch, Popcorn & Blood written and directed by Fabio Soares and starring the legendary, Jane Badler, (Diana in the original series V).

At Salt’ n Sugar, a popcorn bar in the middle of nowhere, Lily a bored waitress, is going to turn her life around when two fishy strangers show up in the bar.

A mix of onirism, violence and dark humor, Bitch, Popcorn & Blood is simply the weapon that everyone has dreamt of being one day.


Call Out is a fun 3 minute film about two security guards called out to an alarm only to find out it is anything but routine.

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