The next set of films that will be shown at Bridgslaughter Horror Film Festival on Saturday 15th June 2pm – 8,30pm at The Cobblestones.

CHIMES (Ireland)

Chimes is written, directed and produced by Jannine Benkhardt.

Do you create the evil – or do your circumstances feed the beast in you?

“Chimes” is the personal story of a serial killer. As a psychological thriller it shows a deep insight into his thoughts and the way his mind works.

Affected from a brutal childhood, the portrayed killer never experienced any emotional feeling. He seems to justify his behavior with the fact that his circumstances created the evil inside him. Killing is his own way to come closer to a mental target he hasn’t even set in an explicit way. But when one of his plans eventually doesn’t work out, he makes a decision that allows him to finally see and reach his target – and to find out that the one responsible for the beast in him is only himself.


CUTTHROAT (Philippines)

Cutthroat is a 3 minute short film directed, written and produced by Kevin Hindriks and is about a mother and daughter who must battle the reincarnation of serial killer Michael Myers.


Cutthroat is written by Ross Madison and directed by Zach Webster. Zach will be joining us at the festival.

Robbie is plagued by visions as he struggles to settle into his flat. His sleep is disturbed by the vengeful presence of a spectral boy, who provides a window into Robbie’s past and raises troubling questions about his morality.




Detour is about two sibling’s search for their missing sister which takes a dark turn as they encounter local law enforcement.

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