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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Bridgwater Magazine is on a mission to bring indie film from the UK and around the world to the town.

The town of Bridgwater has seen it’s fair share of horrors over the years, whether that be the battle of Sedgemoor during the Pitchfork Rebellion in 1685, one of Britain’s best known battles and the last battle fought in Britain, or the horror of slavery, which the town refused to be a part of, leading towards the prohibition of slavery.

Now it is a town which works together in various ways, one of which is in the creative industry, with people and organisations coming together to create a great atmosphere and an amazing opportunity to share the creativeness in the town and from around the world.

We bring these things together with the Bridgwater Horror Film Festival, a showcase of the best in horror worldwide, all in one place.

As a part of the annual calendar of film festivals in Bridgwater, we are not supposed to play favourites, but can we help it if horror is our favourite genre?

We have four categories, and have kept them very simple:

Shorter Films – Up to 20 minutes
Short films – 21-45 Minutes
Features – 46-90 minutes
Longer Features – 91-120 minutes

We do not accept films with a longer runtime than 120 minutes, as we do not like to prod people to wake them up.


We understand how important reviews are so, if we like your film, we will post a review on IMDb. This does not mean acceptance into the festival, it is just an additional thank you for submitting to the festival.

Also, all films which are accepted to be shown, will receive a free entry into the Bridgwater Online Film Festival, if you want to do this (https://filmfreeway.com/goonline).


While we are not a large film festival such as Cannes or Sundance, we provide a stage for horror shorts and features in a central location which is easily accessible and is open to all. We are starting anew in Bridgwater, but it has already garnered much interest.

We have made the decision to extend our earlybird deadline to ensure that those who want it can have a little extra time to submit.



1. By submitting the film, you confirm that you hold the rights, or permission to use, all aspects of the submitted film.

2. By submitting the film, you confirm that Bridgwater.Website those who work for Bridgwater.Website and those individuals and companies who work with us shall not be held liable in way if there are any legal ramifications due to rule #1 above.

3. By submitting the film, you are giving Bridgwater.Website a license to show the film, if selected, and to use publicity shots, names of cast & crew, scenes from the film and likenesses of those involved in the creation of the film for the use of pre & post publicity and promotional purposes.

4. Bridgwater.Website holds absolutely no rights over your film, other than those stated in rule #3 above.