Every year, work is set to make it a truly memorable night for the people of Bridgwater and their visitors. This year won’t be any different as work has already begun.

This will be our first year living in Bridgwater watching the Carnival and we cannot wait.  We will follow the events during the day as well as the evening ahead.

Known as The Guy Fawkes Carnival, this year’s event is expected to attract more than 150,000 people to Bridgwater from around the West County, Britain and abroad.

The Bridgwater Carnival arrives Saturday November 3rd and could top last year’s spectacle with more visitors and even better carts.

Here’s what you can expect from this year’s event.

A huge variety of carts and performers

To many, including us, this is what makes Bridgwater Carnival so famous.

Every year the carnival clubs create something magical, there will be at least 40 illuminated carts – each up to 30 metres long – packed with lights and dancers performing, alongside this you will see many musical acts.

Can you believe that there are more than 1,000,000 individual lights (lamps and LEDs) illuminating the skyline as the carts travel around the streets of Bridgwater?

All of the carnival carts will require eight megawatts of electricity.

The bug from Arcadia

The Bug is a six-wheeled amphibious installation whose wings, built from submarine parts, unfurl to reveal a fully rigged, mobile stage.

The Bug will be based at The Cornhill from 7pm.

Around 100 acts are said to perform throughout the day, ranging from singers, jazz bands, children’s parades and majorettes and of course, carnival clubs and carts.

There’s even going to be international performers, namely acts from Montenegro and Algeria.

The Bristol Batala, Wycombe Steel Band and Exmouth Shanty will also be travelling into Bridgwater to perform throughout the day.

Carts and masqueraders will follow a 1.7 mile route and will take approximately two hours to complete.

1 Procession Line Up, From 10.00 hrs
2 Start of Pre-Procession, 18.35 hrs
3 Start of Procession, 19.00 hrs
4 Bath Road, 19.15 hrs
5 Cross Rifles Roundabout, 19.25 hrs
6 Grandstands Start, 19.40 hrs
7 Grandstands End, 19.50 hrs
8 Rest Road Start – No Action, 19.55 hrs
9 Taunton Road Junction – No Action, 20.00 hrs
10 Rest Road Ends – Action Restarts, 20.05 hrs
11 St Marys Street, 20.10 hrs
12 Cornhill – Restricted Access, 20.15 hrs
13 Cornhill – Restricted Access, 20.20 hrs
14 Cornhill – Restricted Access, 20.20 hrs
15 Cornhill – Restricted Access, 20.20 hrs
16 High Street, Squibbing approx 22.45 hrs
17 High Street, 20.25 hrs
18 Penel Orlieu, 20.30 hrs
19 Mount Street, 20.35 hrs
20 Mount Street, 20.40 hrs
21 Northgate, 20.45 hrs
22 Procession End, 21.00 hrs


After the procession has ended there will be plenty of squibbers.  This will be a first for me as before I moved here I didn’t have any idea what squibbing was. I am looking forward to seeing my very first one this year.

Squibbing is a key part of Carnival and of course will be back for this year.

After the main parade, at least 150 squibbers line the High Street armed with light stout poles in the shape of brooms packed with fireworks.

The participants all light their squibs at the same time and hold their tools at arms length above their head with the firework facing toward the sky.

Hopefully the weather will be much better than it has been the past couple of nights.

Road Closures

Road closures will begin slightly earlier at 5pm, this is planned to help ease congestion and deal with the growing traffic and visitors year-on-year.

Key roads, Parkway (Northbound, Westonzoyland Road to Bincombe Road), Cornhill, High Street, Clare Street and Lamb Lane will close as usual on Saturday morning.

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