With events worldwide having to look at what they can do to create a safe environment for those attending, Dave Hill of Road Runner’s Karaoke has announced that he will be doing his bit.

In an announcement last night, he said:

Ok guys. We are starting to look at the problems the uk and the world is having with this virus. So from now on. Our mics will be wiped down after every singer. Just trying to our bit and making our karaoke safe as we can.

Due to unforseen circumstances, Road Runner’s Karaoke events are postponed until further notice. We will let you know when they are back up and running.

Road Runner’s Karaoke is next in Bridgwater tomorrow night (Saturday) at The Bridgwater Railway Club (The Shack) at 103 Wellington Rd, Bridgwater TA6 5HA.

We will start to see this happening in various ways more and more as we continue, especially with the peak of the virus not expected for 10-14 weeks.


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