We are all going to have more than enough of our fill of politics over the coming weeks, and partly due to this, we will not be publishing any political stories.

Another reason that we will not be printing any political stories, is that I am acting as agent for Diogo Rodrigues, and Sylv (Bridgwater Magazine editor) is the volunteer co-ordinator on his campaign, with both of us also working on his marketing campaign.

We have always wanted Bridgwater Magazine to be apolitical, and we feel that no matter how hard we try, it is likely that we will remain unbiased. Therefore, it is best that we simply do not report on anything for any candidate.

There are going to be two exceptions to this. We will be contacting each candidate, who will have the opportunity to have a single page to let people know about their policies. While this page will not be edited by us, we will be requesting that it is only about the candidate and their policies, not an opportunity to go against any other candidate.

We will also be letting you know about upcoming events for all candidates, so that you will know about them.


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