We are often hearing from people who have been banned from Bridgwater Matters and, if you check on the reasons many alternative groups have been created, it has caused people to start their own groups, and others to join them.

Personally, we feel that the name does not fit the group, as while the majority of the other groups have been sharing details on how to support those in Bridgwater during the Covid crisis, this is against the rules of the group in question, in fact, any mention of Bridgwater charities or organisations is banned.

We have heard many stories, ranging from being banned because they do not agree with your politics (although mention of politics will also get you banned) through to being a member of another group they don’t like which, to be honest, seems to be all other groups.

We know about this last one on a personal level. We have shared most of our stories in Bridgwater Matters in the past, ensuring to stick to the additional rules they gave us, which was to not post more than two of our articles per day. We were happy to do this, but then we discovered that without warning, they banned me.

Why did they ban me? This is what I wanted to know, so I asked them and they didn’t answer with words, but instead answered with a screenshot, which seems to be their modus operandi.

The reason for me being banned was this image on the right. The first thing you may notice, is that my name is not on there, and when asked for further clarification, they have decided not to respond, even though I sent it over 48 hours ago and it was viewed over 24 hours ago.

I suspect that they banned me because I am an admin on another group, though I don’t recall seeing this as a reason for being banned in their rules.

This article isn’t about me though, I’m simply using this as an example of what they do. The real point of this article is to ask why the group with the largest number of users in the town have let this power go to their head and treat people in the way that they do. Personally, I’m really not that bothered. Maybe we’ll get less clicks, but we aren’t about clicks as we don’t have advertising.

This is a group that has done nothing to support people during this crisis, and when people tried to use humour as a defense mechanism when we entered lockdown, made an announcement that this wasn’t funny and they wouldn’t tolerate it. We are British, that’s what we do.

I would like to say that it isn’t all of their admin that are on a power trip, but there are those who definitely are.

Have you been banned? We would be interested in hearing the reason why.

Let’s not bother with those who do this to us, why not try out these alternative groups instead:

Bridgwater Really Matters
Free Speech And Banter Of Bridgwater & Surrounding Areas (for those with an open mind)
Bridgwater Past ‘n’ Present
The Bridgwater Bullet
Bridgwater – Debate

There are many others, which you can find by typing Bridgwater into the Facebook search.  We will be looking at these in a separate article shortly.


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