We have now made the decision that the PDF newspaper of Bridgwater News is now going to change from being weekly to monthly, being published on the last Monday of the month.

We will continue to publish stories daily on the website, and continue to share these on social media. It is only the newspaper itself which is going to be changing.

When the monthly issue is released, it is going to be bigger than it has been with the weekly issue.

We have had to make this decision, as we are not finding any advertisers for the newspaper, and this means we are not getting paid to be working on this full time. Instead we are going to be providing services, some of which you can already find on the website (under the services menu), which will allow us to continue providing all the latest news and events from within Bridgwater and a 5 mile radius.

The services that we will be providing are all things that we have done in the past, particularly working with authors, but we are now going to be providing them for  everybody.  Web  Design is something we are very good at, as I have been creating websites since 1997.

We have many testimonials, having worked with many authors in the past, including USA Today best sellers, and Amazon Number 1 best sellers, who we provided marketing for.

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