The results are now in and the Conservatives once again have a clear majority in Bridgwater & West Somerset.

It was a long night, but we finally found out the result, not that it was a surprise to anybody in attendance, as we saw the ballots piling high.

It was not only the Conservatives who received more votes at this year’s election though, as the Liberal Democrats and Green Party also found themselves with more, meaning that Labour were the only party to receive less than they did in 2017.

The Results

2019 2017
Conservative Party 35,827 32,111
Liberal Party 755
Liberal Democrats 7,805 6,332
Green Party 1,877 1059
Labour Party 11,388 16,663


Were you confused by the Liberal Party and the Liberal Democrats?  I sat down recently with the Liberal Party candidate, and will be publishing this story over the next few days.

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