With the photo of Costa Coffee not appearing to adhere to the conditions provided by the Government when it comes to takeaways amd the congregations of people, we thought it best to ask them for a comment.

The photo was originally posted by Dan Smith, who asked if this meant it was ok for pubs to open beer gardens, a very good point.

Photo: Dan Smith

In response to our questions, Costa head office told us the following,

“Thanks for flagging. All Costa stores moved to takeaway only last Wednesday, removing or closing off all seating areas – both inside and out. I have had confirmation that the outside seating area has been tapped off (it’s fixed to the floor and so can’t be removed).”

“The store team had been advising people prior to being able to tape it off that they were not to sit there in line with social distancing guidance.”

We did hear reports, at around 3pm, that the area was being taped off, but this was after the photo had started to go viral locally and after we had contacted them, so the response does not really answer why this was taking place 2 days after cafes were to be no more than takeaways only.


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