We have heard rumours, from several people who would know, that Diogo Rodrigues may be putting himself forward to run in the General Election, when it is finally announced. While this is currently only a rumour, we are writing this to ask your thoughts on this, if he were to run.

While we can be quite sure that Ian Liddell-Grainger will be running for the Conservatives, Oliver Thornton (from London) has now been selected to run for Labour, and Bill Revans for the Liberal Democrats. While these are the big three, would you be voting for one of these, or would you be looking at either a smaller party, or an independent candidate, such as Diogo Rodrigues?

It seems that now, more than any time that I can remember, all the main parties are making themselves look unvotable by many people. The Conservatives and Labour are more interested in destroying their parties from within, and the Liberal Democrats are behaving in a way that makes them look neither liberal or democratic.

Is it now time for a change?

While Bridgwater Magazine is staying apolitical, we will be looking closely at all the candidates, to keep things fair. Here we will be taking a look at somebody who may not even be a candidate, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on him, if he were to be a candidate.

Homeless sleep-out at the YMCA

As town and district councillor he has always done what is best for his constituents, not just what is good for him, or makes him look good. As a former Mayor, he always went the extra mile and seemed to change what the person in that role was involved in, even when this was for young people who were too young to vote for him.

At 29, he is the recipient of the Sedgemoor Community Hero Award and a business owner.

Unfortunately the B-Word needs to make an appearance here, but it will need to happen when it comes to a General Election.  Diogo Rodrigues voted to remain in 2016 but, as was explained as his reason for leaving the Labour Party, he accepts the result of the majority, and will work towards making Brexit happen.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I think Labour have a great set of policies to help working people and the Labour lead Town Council and councillors have been very good locally. I understand Rodrigues was also a Labour Councillor until recently, and was helped a great deal by these same people, from whom he learnt a great deal. It isn’t very clear to me what Rodrigues stands for other than he rejected the Labour Party and these things? I wish him all the best but to me it seems clear that we need a Labour MP to represent us with what looks likely to be a Labour Government that will provide the investment and devolution of power to the regions that means local representatives and local people can get on with building things back up. And, to be frank, Labour’s offer to give Leavers and Remainers the option to confirm whether they want Brexit or not, now we know what it is, seems like the best and fairest way forward. If he Rodriques rejects the Labour Parties working class, climate and local control policies, what does he stand for?

  2. I live in Exmoor. Whilst it is a world away from Bridgwater it is still in the same constituency and therein lies the problem. Diego sounds like a talented and committed young politician but within the narrow confines of Bridgwater. Even Winning every vote in Bridgwater will not enable him to win the seat. It’s a large geographic constituency and it takes a significant amount of people and backing to reach out to people across the area.
    ILG is under threat this year from right and left. Labour are traditionally a strong second in this ward and all I can see is any votes to Diego coming from the labour side of things which will just give the constituency back to ILG.
    Personally I want a strong engaged committed constituency MP who will work for ALL their constituents.
    That means top priority is getting rid of ILG.
    This could come down to the smallest of margins so this is terrible timing for an independent to enter the field with absolutely no chance of winning.

  3. While there is a lot of talk about how Diogo should not run because it will split the vote, there does not appear to be any mention of why people should vote for a Labour candidate who has no proven record in the area.

    This is a time where both main parties are showing that their infighting is far more important than what the public wants. If Labour are acting in a way that causes people to vote elsewhere, then they only have themselves to blame.


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