It has been announced today, by Diogo Rodrigues, that he does not wish to split the vote and would be stepping back from running in the General Election.

Announcing this to his supporters first, he said:

Dear Friends

This election is probably one of the most important elections in recent history.

While it has been called due to Brexit, it’s not the only thing that needs addressing at this election – there is so much more that needs tackling, such as the damaging effects that Universal Credit is having on ordinary people and the housing crisis, which is forcing so many to turn to food banks.

We have been stuck with an MP, in Ian-Liddell Grainger, who has shown little care for us and our interests. Bridgwater & West Somerset desperately needs change, and desperately deserves a representative in Parliament who will give them a voice.

The best chance of giving people back their voice is by replacing Ian-Lidell Grainger. The best way of doing that (under this unfair first past the post system) is by reducing the amount of opponents taking part in the election against Ian-Liddell Grainger.

It is for that reason that I have taken the extremely difficult decision to step away from this general election campaign and, as a result, I hope, increase the likelihood of one of the other candidates replacing Ian-Lidell Grainger. This is especially important, with the Brexit Party standing down from so many constituencies.

I would like to thank those who have supported me in my campaign so far, and sincerely hope that you understand my reasons for doing this.

When we announced that Diogo was to stand in the General Election, we received a mixed response. There has been a lot of support from those who support him and some not so great support, in fact ridiculous responses, from some of those who do not.

We had people calling him everything from a narcissist to other things that I’ll not be repeating here, and all from supporters of the same party, which I will not mention. It was very disappointing to see those in Bridgwater and the surrounding area acting in such a way, which had more an appearance of schoolyard politics than adult politics.

Come on Bridgwater, don’t act like the rest of the country and treat those who have different views than you in such a bad way. Agree to disagree and treat each other with respect.



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