“Alzheimer’s has stolen my Dad from me, he no longer knows who I am which kills me,” says dog groomer Tina Flavell, who will be doing a sponsored head shave in recognition of the help the charity Alzheimer’s Support has given her parents.

Tina is full of dread at the thought of cutting off her long, flowing tresses – she’s always felt they define her. She also worries her partner may no longer find her attractive and that people will stare. However, she is still determined to head to the Puriton Inn in Bridgwater on April 18th where Adam from the Cutting Room will do the honours.

“Alzheimer’s steals the memories of the person affected and causes pain and heartache to the loved ones. It can grind the carer down to the point of exhaustion,” says Tina. She is heartbroken that the chatty and outgoing man everyone knew ‘no longer exists’.

Tina has also seen the strain placed on her mother, who has become his carer and has been grateful to the charity’s support worker who visits once a week to give her some much-needed down time. Alzheimer’s Support has also provided advice on financial benefits and assistance in filling out the necessary forms.

“Mum can’t relax, she struggles to get Dad to eat, take his meds or simply drink,” says Tina. “I am so scared for her health because of the constant strain she’s under, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is why I’m doing this and why I need people to sponsor me.”

“All of the charity’s work needs funding. And I’m hoping that the fact I’m willing to shave my head will convince you all of just how much Alzheimer’s Support needs your cash!”

“Shaving all your hair off is an incredibly brave thing to do,” says Rachel Fear, Alzheimer’s Support fundraiser. “And we’re so grateful to Tina for making such a personal gesture for us to help people living with dementia.”

To sponsor Tina, visit www.alzheimerswiltshire.org.uk/fundraisers/tinas-head-shave


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