As you may have noticed, we have often been changing things on Bridgwater News, listening to feedback and seeing what we can do to make things better. This is never likely to change, as a website should always be prepared to change to fit those using it.

One of the problems that we have found with having the domain as, is that we are almost always asked the question,

“Is there a .uk after that, or is it .com?”

While the .co domain has been around for quite some time, it is something that many people still do not know about, and we suspect that many people are sending us emails to the the .com or domain, which means that we do not receive them.

We wanted a way to make this much simpler, and the new domain couldn’t be any simpler for Bridgwater News. You now just have to type it in, with a dot in the middle:

Don’t worry about old links, as they will automatically take you to the home page of the new website.

We have also been looking at the newspaper itself, which was weekly, but is now monthly.  As the designer of the newspaper, I am currently looking at ways to make it a bit more interesting and, as well as making it much more interactive, which I started to do in the most recent issue, I am going to be making it look much more like a magazine.

It will still have all the news in it, just as we have been doing, and continue to do daily on the website, but there will be more articles that are of general interest.

I am currently working on a new system for the events, which will look much cleaner and fit in much better with the website, but it will still be free to include any events on the website and within the publication.

On a final note, and something which we have already started to do over the past month, we listened to what you said about not caring that much about what is happening elsewhere, and have put a 5 mile radius on the news and events.

We will be including articles that may be out of this area, but this will be such as things as entertainment, including Netflix, and things that would be of interest to those of us living within the area.  For example, we will be speaking with Karen Lam, who works on two Netflix shows (Ghost Wars & Van Helsing) about her experiences.


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