Drivers can now be fined for littering, even if it’s a passenger dropping rubbish from their car. Under new powers in April 2018, local councils are able to fine a car owner up to £150 if it can be proved someone dumped litter from their motor. When the government asked people about the new penalties, it says 85 per cent were in favour.

With the rise of dash-cam footage, any persons seen throwing litter out of a car can be recorded.  So long as the number plate is clear as well as the litter being thrown, Court officials will accept this as evidence.  Litter in our hedges and verges is a danger to wildlilfe, unattractive which ruins views, walks and is classed as environmental crime.

Under those new powers, Sedgemoor District Council received evidence that a passenger in a motor vehicle being driven along Broadway in Bridgwater dropped litter from the vehicle.

Information obtained from DVLA identified the driver and they were issued with a fixed penalty ticket requiring a payment of £150 reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days.

The driver failed to make that payment and Sedgemoor District Council issued a summons for recovery in the county court. The car owner subsequently admitted the claim and is now paying the fine.


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