Although exiting the motorway to refuel at a local garage will guzzle up a bit more petrol, it could save motorists up to £20, according to research.

Pumps at some of the UK’s motorway fuel stops are as much as 37p per litre more expensive than alternatives nearby.

Kitty Bates of said,

“Our research shows that many motorway service stations are pricing their fuel well over the odds, with some stations charging up to 37p a litre more than their nearest forecourt operator.”

Similarly, filling up at Bridgwater on the M5 costs 148.9p per litre, whereas there is a petrol station 2.5 miles away offering a cost-cutting rate of 119.9p per litre.

The average price hike in fuel on motorway service stations is 13p for unleaded and 21p for diesel.

Last month, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling hit out at motorway service stations sky-high fuel prices and accused them of ‘taking advantage of drivers’.

He called on the service stations to design apps which enable motorists to check the price of fuel before embarking on their journey.

Research from the RAC suggested that 44 per cent of drivers elect not to fill up on the motorway.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said,

“While we welcome the idea of motorway fuel retailers sharing their pricing data in terms of better transparency, the reality is an app will only tell drivers what they already know, that motorway fuel prices are unbelievably expensive.

“Research we have conducted among drivers, showed that nearly half would never buy fuel on the motorway anyway.”

Motorway services reportedly justify their lofty price hikes by having higher overheads.


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