Ever wake up thinking “what I need is a matching cotton dog onesie in sky blue with a penguin print”? Well, now you can have it as Funzee, the online retailer of adult onesies, have just launched their Zooland Dog Onesie.

The UK pet market is one of the largest in Europe, with the total pet population expected to reach over 50 million animals in 2018 of which about 10 million are dogs. And the pet clothing market has really taken off in recent years; according to market research by Mintel, owners are spending on average, nearly £200 a year on clothes for their pets, with over one in five owners admitting they spend up to £20 on outfits each month. Now they can have matching outfits.

The funzee onesie for dogs is made from the same fabric as their adult onesie Zooland range. This design was inspired by the original Zoolander film which featured Ben Stiller in a sky blue onesie with penguins printed on it. For humans there is an unfooted version, a footed version and one with a Butt Flap feature.

For your best furry four legged friend the Zooland Dog Onesie is unfooted, but with ribbing round the ankles, is hooded, and has four poppers to fasten around the belly. So for all you onesie fans, now you can curl up in your Zooland onesie with Fido by your side being equally snug and warm with his or her onesie on. Instead of looking like you have just come back from a dog walk you will look like you have just got off the cat walk.

All styles are made from 100% breathable cotton in a small factory in Portugal. Initially, Funzee want to see customer response so are producing this novel product in size XSmall only which should fit a Yorkshire terrier size dog. However if feedback is positive they are ready to extend the range to larger dogs.

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