One year ago today, we made our first post on Bridgwater Magazine and, since then much has changed.

When we started, we were going to run this as a business, but over time, we realised that what Bridgwater needed was a news source that was simply there for the community, without business getting in the way, so we removed all the advertising and started to look at what we could do.

As we move on, we have several plans, starting with the first PDF version of the Bridgwater Magazine being released on September 1st, covering the news and events over August, as well as general interest articles.

The next step is to work on our Bridgwater Youtube channel, where we have several ideas, ranging from the news through to a paranormal film based in the town, to be followed by a web series.

We have also been in talks on how we can support the community in other ways, and will be sharing our knowledge on both filmmaking and writing, but will have more information on this soon.

One area that we have not been very successful, is in having stories submitted to us. We don’t want this to be just about what we write about, but what those of you living and working in town want to report on. Once this starts to happen, this will truly be a community project.

We would like to thank everybody who has supported us over the past year, with a special mention going to Susan Marsh, who has been our biggest supporter on likes.  We would also like to thank all the Facebook groups who have allowed us to share in them, allowing you to see what is happening.


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