Getting Bored? Why Not Write a Book With Our Challenge?

Our Bridgwater Lockdown 30 Day Book Challenge is challenging you to write a 50,000 word book beetween 1st-30th April, but you won't be on your own, as we'll be here to support you along with others taking the challenge.

Council Tax – The Council Tax Department are Experiencing a High Number of Calls

We have received notification from Sedgemoor District Council who have asked you all to be patient with their staff who are trying their best to help all customers.

UPDATED: Sedgemoor District Council’s Reception: Doors are Closed but they are still Working

Sedgemoor District Council’s Reception in Bridgwater House will be closed with immediate effect in line with Government advice, but that does not mean that residents and businesses won’t be able to contact council staff for help and advice.

Are Bridgwater Postal Workers on Strike?

When a photo came to light on social media this morning, it would appear that postal workers in Bridgwater are on strike, but it isn't clear if this is an official strike or not.

Somerset Waste Recycling Sites Now Closed

Somerset Waste Partnership have just announced that all 16 of their recycling sites are now closed.

Online Library Resources Available

We have just received notification from Bridgwater Library informing us that the Cloud Library, Borrow Box and RB Digital are now all set up to...

HPC During This Time

Some of our readers may be wondering what will be happening at Hinkley Point C (HPC) during this time. We have been given some...

Costa Coffee: Response to Bridgwater Photo

With the photo of Costa Coffee not appearing to adhere to the conditions provided by the Government when it comes to takeaways amd the...

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance: 20 Years By Your Side

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance went online for the very first time at 8.00am on 21st March 2000

Our Coverage of Covid-19

We believe that it is not our job to repeat what you are reading and watching everywhere else