Some of our readers may be wondering what will be happening at Hinkley Point C (HPC) during this time. We have been given some information from one of our sources who wishes to remain anonymous, which we can share with you. Please note, that we will not be sharing anything that would be considered a security risk.

We are providing the following information from two posts on the Hinkley Point C internal website, which were posted on Friday evening.

Simone Rossi, CEO of EDF Energy

The first email was from Simone Rossi, the CEO of EDF Energy, who said that he had spoken withthe energy minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, who told him that the Government considers HPC is equivelent to the critical national infrastructure, due to its importance to both the economy and the energy sector.

He said in the letter, that this was important both at this time and if further measures were to be  introduced by the Government, as part of their response to the COVID-19 crisis. He went on to say that necessary travel for the essential workers required to support HPC would be unrestricted.

He finished off by saying that the priority remains the health & safety of all teams working on the site at all times, and that they are absolutely determined to protect the site and keep it running.

Stuart Crooks, Managing Director

The next message was sent by Stuart Crooks, the Managing Director, who said,

Many of you will be going home for the weekend and facing a new situation at home as the schools closure comes into effect. You may be concerned about being able to travel freely between work and home in the future. I want to provide you with some important reassurance.

We are working closely with the Government to be able to give workers the confidence to carry on travelling to Site, even if travel restrictions are put in place in the future. We have made the case for the huge importance of the Project to the nation and to many thousands of businesses and people right across the country. We are also working with Government to ensure our supply chain has ready access to the support made available to business. This will enable them to continue their work, retain their skilled people and to support our Project.

Our aim remains to continue construction and keep the Site open with the health and wellbeing of everyone as our priority. The many extra measures in place to reduce the risk of infection are backed up by first-class health facilities and medical expertise. Those who can work from home are now doing so. This will help keep us all safe.

As we move into new ways of working, we will identify the critical tasks that will help us carry on with Site progress. Managers should identify who will carry out work and help their teams find ways to work together to achieve results – whether on Site, at our suppliers or working remotely. Managers and teams should think how they can connect better, set shared and measurable goals and record their success.

We are planning now for what may develop in the coming days and weeks. We will keep you fully informed as we reach decisions. Our goal is to maintain your safety and to protect the integrity and momentum of the Project and the livelihoods of all those who depend on us.

For many of us this week has been a shock. We have been presented with personal and professional challenges. As the crisis continues, we will need to find ways to adapt, to remain resilient and to respond.

After the announcement by the Prime Minister tonight, we feel that Hinkley Point C should be shut down during this period. The completion is due in 9 years, so what difference will a few months make, other than putting those working there in harm?


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