Whether you remember Jane Badler from the original V mini series, the V remake or Neighbors, Jane Badler has been on our screens in one way or another for many years.

Jane Badler is also starring in one of the films that we will be showing during the Bridgslaughter horror film festival, in February 2019 and many do not realise that, as well as being an actress, Jane is also a recording artist.

Welcome Jane, let’s start with you telling us a little about yourself including where you are from

I was born in Brooklyn NY. I grew up on Long Island.

I was always a very determined, slightly rebellious person who didn’t take no for an answer.  I won my first talent contest at 5 singing a song from a musical.  I have always performed and acted.  I won Miss New Hampshire and went to the Miss America pageant at 18 which led to a tour singing around New England.

I studied Drama at Northwestern University and when I graduated I moved to NYC to pursue acting and singing.  I was very fortunate that I worked very quickly and did 100s of commercials which led to soap operas and then Night Time Television. My most remembered role is as Diana in the Cult SciFi TV miniseries and series ‘V’.

I was also the lead actress in the series Mission Impossible which brought me to Australia and to my second life.  I met my beautiful husband and had two amazing boys.  I have always kept very busy doing Aussie TV, stage, cabaret and in the last 10 years I have released three albums which I am very proud of. I have also have done some very original and interesting music videos with a brilliant  team in LA.  The last few years I have worked in Europe acting in two European films and signing in Paris and London.  I am currently producing my first feature film starring Brooke Shields.

How long have you had the love of acting, including the training you have had?

I can never remember a time when I didn’t love acting.  There was a period in my life when I took a break as the passion dimmed.  I have a theatre degree at Northwestern University in Chicago.  I have been very blessed to have worked with some of the greatest acting coaches including Stella Adler, Roy London, Wynn Handman and, more recently, Larry Moss.

I have been a fan since watching ‘V’ back in the 80s, how did it feel getting offered the part of Anna’s mother in the 2011 ‘V’ and how did you feel about the support from the fans to get you into the cast?

It was very surreal going back to LA to do the new V in 2011. I hadn’t worked on an US production since 1990 so I had forgotten how big and glamorous it can be and how truly spoiled the actors are. The fans were so behind me getting this role and I am sure the producers were aware of this huge wave of support.  Even so I felt as if my character was a bit wasted. I was pretty much kept in the dungeon of the ship the whole series repeating myself. It wasn’t until the very end that I broke out and started to amaze power and then was ***** (that was a spoiler) by my daughter, they definitely didn’t want me in charge!!

You were offered the part of Diana in Neighbours, what was it like acting in a soap?  Was it harder work than a regular series or film?

Neighbors was my third soap. I did One Life to Live and The Doctors when I was a young actress in NYC.  Doing a soap is very hard work. There are lots of lines and very little time and rehearsal.  The lighting is not the best and there is not a huge wardrobe budget. So its even more important that you put lots of work in to shine. It’s a lot harder to shine when the conditions are tougher.  I really liked the role of Diana (once again), she was tough and feisty and powerful with a vulnerable side.  The cast was great. There have been so many amazing people who have come out of Neighbours, Margot Robbie and Kylie Minough are two.

Can you tell us a little about your singing career?

I have been singing since I was very little. I always thought I would be a singer.  When I moved to NYC at 21 my first gig was at the playboy club.  But I realised that I didn’t know myself and what I really wanted to sing.  I needed to find my style, my musical tastes, so I concentrated more on acting.

About 15 years ago I saw Kate Ceberano and Paul Grabowsky (Australian Icons) performing at a high-end club. I was so inspired that I decided to get back into it. Its been a crazy journey.  One woman shows, festivals, three albums, music videos, it was fun but very exhausting and I took it all very seriously.  Had some amazing collaborations with Paul Grabowsky, a Melbourne indie band Sir, and an amazing team in LA. The big point was definitely a big show in Paris, with fans actually mouthing my words and performing at the famed Irdium in NYC with Midge Ure.

How did you feel being nominated for ‘Best Female Artist’ in the 2011 Age EG Awards for your album Tears Again?

It was wonderful and exciting to have been nominated for best female vocalist in 2011 at the Age awards,  I had just done an amazing show at the Basement in Sydney with a small orchestra and the brilliant Paul Grabowsky at the helm.  I was a bit of a dark horse due to my music and my mature age so it felt good on many accounts to represent a segment of the population that isn’t often nominated for awards .

What are your plans in both singing and acting for the future?

I am taking a break from singing for the moment and concentrating a bit more on acting and producing.  I am in the middle of producing my first feature film with Brooke Shields in the lead and first time director Beth LaMure. I’m very excited about this film. Also looking like I will be shooting an amazing short film at the end of September and hopefully some other projects will come through.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to add to this interview?

Hope you will all check out my new music video (above) with the wonderful drag performers from RuPaul, Morgan McMichael and Pandora Boxx,  It is called Black Silk Stocking and it’s very mad.

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