Bridgwater News is organising a Horror film festival with The Cobblestones here in Bridgwater on Sunday 15th June 2pm until 8.00pm.

One of the films being shown is Detour which was directed by Andrew Huggins.

He became fascinated with storytelling through playing video games as a teenager.  When he was sixteen, this fascination transferred to movies as well. He is deeply interested in the craft and always learning creatively and logistically.

He told us,

“There are always roadblocks concerning the technical aspect of filming, but with time and dedication these can be easily overcome.

“I started with a keen focus on scriptwriting, and there were, and still are, difficulties for me sometimes in telling the most honest and effective story.

“The key for me in being proud of the final product is to search for the honesty in every single facet of the story.”

He went on to say.

“I try to create characters that the viewer can empathize with in some way then dictate their emotions and behaviours in the most ‘true to life’ sense that I can.”

He has screened in over two hundred and fifty festivals and cannot determine a certain achievement that’s been greater than the others.

He encountered so much support from various filmmaking communities over the past six years and has placed three short films on television through Shorts International TV and has reached the widest audience that way.

When asked about the scriptwriting process, he told us,

“This was an ongoing, living thing for quite a while before I directed this film. I did not create this story, but throughout each draft that was sent to me I believe strongly in its potential.”

He told us a little about Detour, the short being shown at the festival,

“Detour has some very classic horror and road movie elements and was an insanely ambitious undertaking to shoot in two and a half days.

“I started to direct Detour about a year and half before we shot it. The cast and some of the crew were located five hours away from me, near the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

“I have nothing but good things to say about every single person that worked on this film.”

We asked Andrew about the greatest moment in his film career and he said,

“It was winning the Carolinas Engage Art contest last November.

“Hundreds entered and our short film Armor won first place. Second to that would be our short film Civil playing the Asbury Park Shorts Concert three years ago alongside Oscar winning live action short films.”

When asked about his favourite film, he said,

“Saving Private Ryan by Peter Spielberg, I love everything about that film, and every time I watch it, I’m reminded of why I want to do this.”

We asked Andrew which filmmaker has influenced him the most? He replied,

This is a very tough question to answer, Michael Haneke, Jeremy Saulnier, Jeff Nichols, Olivier Assayas, Francis Ford Coppola, Steve McQueen, to name a few.”

We asked him which book would he love to make a film out of one day? His reply was simply,

“The Chronicles of Narnia, any book in the series would be a dream come true, but ‘The Horse and His Boy’ would satisfy me until death.”

To finish off we asked Andrew what advice he had for new filmmakers and he said,

“Be honest in all that you do. Not just in your storytelling endeavours but also your relationships with cast and crew.

“They’ll see it and appreciate it, and you’ll make lifelong friends that want to go to battle with you.”

Keep an eye on Bridgwater News as we meet some more of the filmmakers, trailers of the films and also the schedule for the event.



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