With the news today that Google is set to revoke Huawei’s access to its Android mobile operating system, the biggest question for us all is how this is going to affect the everyday user.

One of the instant problems I’ve found, is that the phone companies seem to know less than we do, and our information came from some very simple research.

I called Vodafone to ask what would be happening, and was told that this would only affect new phones, not those that had already been purchased. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

According to reports by Reuters and The Verge, Google has suspended business with Huawei and in doing so hugely undermined its lineup of smartphones and tablets which run on Android.

Put simply, if you have a Huawei phone, you will continue to have access to Google Play, but there will be no updates to Android, which means that there will be no security updates, which is a large part of the updates to the operating system.

Just being one update out of date, gives hackers the opportunity to access your phone, and it is more likely that worms can find their way into the operating system, especially as it is now known that there will be such a large number of vulnerable phones out there and in use.

Please keep in mind that as of this moment, your phone is not at risk, but the longer this goes on, the more vulnerable it will become.  The security provided by Google Play Protect will continue to be updated.

Huawei have been given a 90 day license to use the Android operating system and all that comes with it, which includes security updates.

We are unable to give you any further details on this, but will do so as soon as we have the details.

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