The restaurant was recently given a much needed refresh (and moving under a sub-brand of the same company) as, being a bit blunt, it was easily in the bottom 25% of restaurants in Bridgwater in my honest opinion.

Upon first walking in, I was pleasantly surprised to find the place seemed a lot cleaner than it used to be (one of my previous major issues with the place) and the staff seemed a lot more attentive than previously too (the staff have always been nice, but it definitely felt a lot more professionally ran than previously)

The menu feels pretty standard (which is good! I do not like an over-inflated menu) – firstly I tried the Flatbread, which… not gonna lie, definitely wasn’t the best, but it was edible – I think they cooked it a bit too long and I’m not sure the prices are very competitive for the flatbreads when compared to other restaurants which have better quality at similar prices.

Next, I had the chicken burger – which, after the flatbread, I was a bit apprehensive, but it actually blew me away! Probably one of the best chicken burgers I have had in and around Bridgwater for a long time. Between the batter, the meat itself and the garnishing and sauce, it was just beautiful!

The chips are pretty good too, which is always a nice bonus! Wish there was a few more, and the little things they put the chips in are a bit annoying especially if you order some chips for a child (rather them be in a normal bowl) and maybe they could do with slightly increasing the chips portion sizes.

You do have to pay for parking – it is £2 for up to 3 hours, but you get this refunded when you order your food or drink. Having to go to and from your car is a bit of a hassle when you go alone with a child, would rather they have used a number plate recognition system and take your number plate when you enter like some other restaurants now do

The child’s play area is great for letting your littluns burn off some energy – I do think they could maybe put the price at £2 to match the parking cost refund you get (eg – you can either get £2 off your food/drink or free play for your child)

Overall, the refurbishment has taken this from a “nope, never again” restaurant to potentially a regular visit for me and my son! GOOD JOB!

4/5 Food
5/5 Service
4/5 Value

Overall Score: 4/5


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