Are you looking for something to do while you are stuck at home? Why not make a short film for our contest?

The Lockdown Film Contest is asking for submissions of films up to 5 minutes long, and can be either live action or animated.

It is free to enter the contest, and we will show the best 10 entries at the Bridgwater Community Film Festival, which will be taking place at the Bridgwater Arts Centre as soon as we can hold events again in the country, and the arts centre is ready to hold the event. This film festival has been set up specifically to help bring Bridgwater back together again after what we are currently all going through.

Prizes? Yes, we currently have two prizes, but if you run a business, and would like to offer a prize, then we can add these.

We would like to thank Dave’s Family Butchers for giving us the first of these prizes:

1x £20 Voucher
1x £10 Voucher

We will be launching this contest on Monday 20th April, so check back then to find out how you can submit your film to the contest.

If you are wanting to get started straight away, please make a note of these simple rules:

  1. You can only film within your home or garden, sticking to Government guidelines
  2. Any music or images used must either be your own, or be licensed

There will be more to do with the submission itself, but nothing any more complicated than the two above. We aren’t here to create a bunch of rules, we have enough of those already.


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