If you are looking for something to do whilst in lockdown, why not make a short film up of to 5 minutes. The rules are simple:

  • It must be filmed at home (inside or in your garden)
  • You must live in Bridgwater (or within a 5 mile radius)
  • The film can be of any genre, though we really don’t want to see those home videos
  • Any video or audio used must be licensed to you or you have permission to use it (check out www.audiojungle.net for low-cost licensed audio)

The top 10 films, as judged by us at Bridgwater Magazine, will be shown at the upcoming Bridgwater Community Film Festival among films from around the world, a film festival that has no date other than as soon as we can all get together again, and will be free entry.

There are currently 2 prizes, donated by Dave’s Family Butchers in The Cornhill:

1x £10 voucher
1x £20 voucher

If you run a business and want to offer a prize, you can get in touch with us.

For inspiration, why not take a look at this film, 5 O’Clock, by Zach Paul Hammill. He is unable to enter the contest as he lives a little further than the 5 mile radius (Los Angeles), but you can watch another of his films at the Bridgwater Community Film Festival.

[smartvideo src=”https://bridgwatermagazine.com/5-oclock-final-new-music-resaved-mp4/” width=”1280″ height=”720″ responsive=true controls=true]



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