New self defence classes are starting in Bridgwater from Wednesday 18th March, classes will be held at the Kingsdown Pavillion, TA6 4BF from 7pm – 8:30pm every Wednesday.

Areas covered will include:

Situational Awareness
Threat level “color codes”
Conflict avoidance Skills
Physical defensive skills

Taught by an instructor with over 33 years in the Martial Arts, studying Japanese, Filipino, Western and RBSD systems. The techniques taught are distilled from all of these systems but only the most practical will be taught. Self defence skills should be easy to learn, easy to retain and easy to execute.

Alongside this, students can also learn how every day items or “EDC” can be used as aids to self defence.

For those who would like to study more traditional arts there are also classes in Eskrima/Kali/Arnis held every Saturday morning in Creech, St Michael Village Hall,  Saturday mornings 10am – 12 noon.

For more info please contact

Dewskitch School Of Impact Arts
either by email [email protected]
or ring 07981 903 335
Facebook Page


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