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What started as an experiment for the authors that we worked with, quickly became a successful option and our most popular service when we were only providing author services.

We are now taking this, and applying it to all businesses and individuals wanting to get information out on social media.

It has always been known that it often takes seeing a product or service several times for somebody to make a purchase, and with the internet, this has become several times to get them to click on a link.

Clicking on the link is the first step to them wanting further information from you, and our teasers have managed to push the sales of books, newsletter signups and a host of other things that we have been asked for.

We take your book cover, elements of the book and other factors that you can tell us, and from these we create a number of different teasers to be placed on various social media platforms.

Below each teaser is information that you want shared, which can be anything from your Amazon link to a newsletter signup page.  Maybe you want to push a contest you have running, or simply want people to visit your website/blog.

Posts Per Week
Facebook 3
Twitter 3
LinkedIn 0
Unique Designs: 5
Monthly £21
Quarterly £54 (£18pm)
Annually £168 (£14pm)

Posts Per Week
Facebook 7
Twitter 7
LinkedIn 7
Unique Designs: 10
Monthly £36
Quarterly £96 (£32pm)
Annually £300 (£25pm)

Posts Per Week
Facebook 14
Twitter 14
LinkedIn 14
Unique Designs: 20
Monthly £54
Quarterly £144 (£48pm)
Annually £444 (£37pm)