At 3pm this afternoon, 2nd September, at the Cornhill in the shadow of Robert Blake, a demonstration took place to protest at the shut-down of Parliament.

People came in their tens to the demonstration, where a number of them shouted their views on what was happening to our country, saying that they are calling upon MPs to defend the democratic constitution and ensure Boris Johnson does not succeed, occupying the House of Commons and refusing to leave, if necessary

Afterwards, a march took place along St Mary’s to the offices of Bridgwater MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger.

Along the way, there was a mixture of car honking to show support and shouting from others who did not agree.

At the 2016 referendum, 61.2% in Sedgemoor voted to leave, while 38.8% voted to remain.


We have been asked to point out that it was not just remainers, but also leavers who protested today, joining forces.

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