Rusty Road 2 Recovery are very excited to bring a totally new service to the community of Bridgwater and surrounding areas.

The team told us:

“The new service is set up to help people with mental health, Older people and young adults. Our aim is to help people who are having personal issues with their mental health and as we know, this can be as many as one in four of us.

“Older people suffer from isolation and loneliness which can become and lead to complex and serious conditions.

“Young adults who have been rejected and need guidance and the opportunity to gain qualifications which have not been possible for them to gain through the normal educational services.

“Now for the real exciting stuff of how Rusty Road 2 Recovery works.

“We take classic vehicles that in any normal circumstances, would be chucked on the scrap heap and beyond repair. We believe that by restoring it to its former glory and working with the participants, that there is hope, no matter how bad things may seem. This can also be a way a person feels about themselves, but by becoming part of a team/group and working together, it gives a sense of belonging and can be a very  satisfying start of their personal road to recovery.  

“We are very unique, unlike a lot of organisations, we run an all day participation rather than an hour or two, this gives the services users more time to socialise and become part of a team.

“As well as the Rusty Road 2 Recovery, we also offer a new style of art therapy. We have over the past 18 months devised special stencils which, in conjunction, with an air brush, great pieces of art can be achieved without ever being an artist. It is great fun and as with Rusty Road 2 Recovery, it is run exactly the same way in that it is an  all day activity.

“Our day runs from 10am to 4pm we have regular breaks throughout the day and in the afternoon we have an hour where we discuss recovery and how it can lead to a satisfying, fulfilling and contributing life.

“We are a social enterprise CIC company which in short is, we are a nonprofit organisation. We are constantly seeking funding and finding other ways to raise money to improve our services by adding extra groups and days. So if you feel that you would like to become involved in this exciting service and help people who need it, we have several ways in which you can help, so please get in touch it would be great to hear from you and you could make a big difference to peoples lives.”

Vince Davis said:

“These are the ways to get in touch:”

Website   /   Just Giving
Facebook   /   Twitter

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