Sedgemoor District Council, which does not like to put their hands into their pockets for too many reasons, has managed to find £500,000 to bail out the Mercure Hotel.

“You could say it has gone overbudget – it depends how you look at it”

While the District Council has been well known for saying that they do not want to support activities such as the arts, which would be of use to local people, they have no problem coming to a secret deal, as explained by them, which would give this loan to the hotel.

It is claimed that the hotel has not necesarily gone over budget and that this is not a bail out or, as said by Deepak Chainrai of DC Hotels,

The money was needed to complete the hotel – we wanted to open it complete with 119 rooms from day one. You could say it has gone overbudget – it depends how you look at it. We are opening with a lot of upgraded facilities.

It may well be that this is the case, but if any organisation approached the council saying that they had plans that they needed help with, and that they wanted to start out with more than they need right from the start, they would be told to simply start off smaller and build up to where they want to be when they started to bring in the money. Somehow though, half a million pounds is suddenly not a problem.

Isn’t it about time that our council started to do things for us, rather than simply being there for commercial ventures, and then telling us what a great thing it would be for the town. Supporting those of us in the town would be good too, bringing more of the arts in various forms would be good for the town, but where are they when that is discussed?

With 688 hotels listed on the Mercure website, surely they could have found this money themselves. Couldn’t they?

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