Today, while queuing at Aldi, we witnessed a man being caught with a carrier bag of prepacked meat which he had allegedly stolen from a number of different supermarkets.

The man approached the young Aldi employee who was on the door, asking for another carrier bag, when asked some questions, he became shady and tried to make a run for it. The Aldi employee acted quickly and made a grab for the bag, which spilt, scattering the contents over the ground.

The young employee was helped by two customers, who between them, managed to get the rest of the meat from him, but unfortunately the man got away.

Police were quick to the scene and gave chase.

After seeing the message on our Facebook page, a follower sent in a photo showing that the police had apprehended the man.

Praise has to be given to the Aldi employee, the two men who helped and to the police for their quick response and capture.



  1. The Manager from this story here,

    Thank you very much for the kind words, we’re always trying our best and I couldn’t be happier to have amazing customers such as you.

    And on the off chance that the gentlemen who helped me out are reading thing: thank you very much for your help, too.


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