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Monday, October 21, 2019
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Rhode Lane Wanderers U12s Gain New Sponsor

Rhode Lane Wanderers U12s Warriors have worked hard this year to rebuild their team after changes at the end of last session.

Rhode Lane Wanderers U12s Smash a Home Win

After days of rain, the clouds had cleared and the sun was trying to poke through. Surprisingly, even though there had been enough rain to ruin a pitch, Cranleigh Gardens was holding up very well. After a postponed game last week, the U12s were ready to go. Their opponent this week - Ashcott Youth FC.

Review: Day Trip to London with Berrys Coaches

We are working on a new section of the website, where we will be looking at various places you can go in a single day from Bridgwater, and decided to start with London. We are looking at travelling as a family, as that is how most people will be travelling.

Fly-Tipped Waste: Who is Responsible?

As waste costs have steadily risen over recent years, the knock-on effect has been a drastic increase in fly-tipped waste. In the digital age we live in, it has never been easier to raise awareness of fly-tipping incidents, making it easier for the public to see more and more examples. Do you know just how at risk you could be when it comes to fly-tipped waste? In this piece we look at what you can do to prevent yourself from being front page news.

Free Parking this Christmas

Sedgemoor District Council is pleased to announce that it will be offering free parking in all of its car parks for the three weekends before Christmas on an annual basis.

Shutting the Gate on Rural Crime

Farms and open rural spaces offer opportunities for criminals. We can reduce these opportunities and work with local residents to prevent some crimes from happening in the first place. Rural crime matters. It has a huge victim impact, the cost of machinery is vast as well as the disruption to farming.

Upgrade for Quantock Rd Roundabout to Begin Next Month

A major scheme to improve Quantock Road roundabout in Bridgwater is due to commence on Monday 4 November 2019, with completion set for Spring 2020.

Low Carbon Future: ‘Somerset is Leading the Way’

Somerset is at the forefront of innovations to help the country deliver a low carbon future.

Manse Lane Play Area in Puriton Set for Improvements

The play area located at Manse Lane in Puriton is set for improvements costing £26,950

Next Steps for Northgate have been Submitted to the Council’s Planning...

Plans for the next steps at Northgate, Bridgwater have been submitted to Sedgemoor District Council’s planning department.  A detailed planning application for the development of a new cinema and leisure scheme on council-owned land at Northgate in Bridgwater town centre can be found at https://www.sedgemoor.gov.uk/planningonline – application number 08/19/00166.