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Junction | Networking and Film Screening Event

Are you getting bored with Netflix and looking for something a little different? Why not join the Engine Room for an online event, where you...

Somerset Together Online Multicultural Event

Just three days to go until Somerset Together, don’t miss this incredible online multicultural event, celebrating the diverse cultures of Somerset, this Saturday 13th June from 6pm.

Use Your Phone to Capture and Share a Moment of Stillness

Monday 8 June: Highbridge-based artists Leila Browning and Nadja Mcdevitt are inviting locals to film and share those precious moments of stillness we find in our Covid-19 affected worlds.

Get Ahead At Home with SS&L Courses

There’s never been a better time to immerse yourself in learning something new or improving the knowledge and skills that you already have.

Become a Police Collaborator

For a while, it has seemed that those on Facebook have been showing who would likely be a collorator on the other side of the Channel 70 years ago, now you can do it with the police.

Overnight Works Required at Quantock Road Roundabout Bridgwater

The next phase of the Quantock Road Roundabout improvements is due to start next week, with overnight works preparing for the introduction of pedestrian crossings.

Review: Day Trip to London with Berrys Coaches

We are working on a new section of the website, where we will be looking at various places you can go in a single day from Bridgwater, and decided to start with London. We are looking at travelling as a family, as that is how most people will be travelling.

Shutting the Gate on Rural Crime

Farms and open rural spaces offer opportunities for criminals. We can reduce these opportunities and work with local residents to prevent some crimes from happening in the first place. Rural crime matters. It has a huge victim impact, the cost of machinery is vast as well as the disruption to farming.

New Volunteer Drivers Wanted in Bridgwater

Avon and Somerset Police are launching a Volunteer Driver scheme in Bridgwater and looking for new volunteers to support local police. Now in its second year, the scheme is running from Bristol into Somerset and aims to improve their efficiency and free up officers to respond to priority work.

Cuts to Bridgwater’s Out of Hours Urgent Care Service

We have received this information from Bridgwater Trades Union Council about cuts to Bridgwater's out of hours urgent care service. While we are apolitical as Bridgwater Magazine we do report on what we are sent, and welcome a response.
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Petition: Sedgemoor District Council Decide to Ruin Children’s Fun

Please note, that we have been asked to review this article by Homes in Sedgemoor, and we have done this, and removed some sections...

Dispute Over Wembdon Safeguarding Gates

A dispute over a set of safeguarding security gates at the entrance to the Parklands on Homberg Way in Wembdon have been causing more...

Do you love football? Have you ever thought about coaching?

Do you love football? Have you ever thought about coaching? Stace MannGood of the Rhode Lane Wanderers boys under 13s football team, of the Saturday...