Avon and Somerset Police would like to say a huge thank you to community leaders in Easton who worked with us throughout the night to help resolve a public order issue peacefully and without incident.

They were called to an address at Chelsea Road in Easton at around 10.15pm last night (Thursday October 25) by Immigration Enforcement officers. The officers reported that a small group of protesters had used vehicles to block the road and stop them from leaving the area with a man who they had detained, following reports that he was in the country illegally.

The number of people protesting quickly grew to around 100. Their priority was the safety of local residents as well the safety of the officers and the welfare of the man who had been detained.

The police will always facilitate peaceful and lawful protest and they are pleased to say that thanks to the support from their community leaders, and people living locally, the situation was resolved at around 5am this morning when the Immigration Enforcement officers were able to leave the area without incident or injury and without the necessity for any arrests.

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