The Filo Project is a not-for-profit organisation offering high quality day care for small groups of older people. They support individuals across Devon and Somerset who are socially isolated, many experiencing symptoms associated with moderate dementia.

Each day is provided by a host, and takes place in the intimate setting of a host’s own home. This warm and welcoming environment is key and no client is overwhelmed by a large group.

Apart from having a home-cooked lunch, what occurs in each group varies, and very much depends on who is in a group, and their capacities, preferences and personalities. It is a bespoke service, however, the focus of any day is to provide the opportunity for meaningful socialising.

A day with The Filo Project is like a day out with friends, and, at a stage of life where many older people often find themselves excluded The Filo Project provides a time and space to feel at ease and be valued. A by-product of our service is that carers can enjoy regular and extended respite. Transport is also provided.

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