Saturday 26th October saw Rhode Lane Wanderers U12s travel away to Hamilton, Taunton to face Taunton Pumas. The ground was sodden and at times, looked like a rugby pitch, but both teams gave it their all with Rhode Lane coming out as the victors.

Unlike last week, the rain did not hold off and there was a question mark as to whether or not the game would be able to go ahead. Before the game, discussions between coaches and the referee were held and it was felt that as both teams had made the effort then the game should at least be started.

Rhode Lane got off the the best start with Brooklyn Thomas scoring within the first ten minutes. Taunton Pumas came back fighting and there was a strong competition being held in midfield. Rhode Lane were able to power through and Daniel Haslam put the next away to make it 0-2.

Taunton Pumas did not sit back, they pushed forward and tested Rhode Lane’s defence several times. They were then able to bring the score line back 1-2 through an attack which drew in Rhode Lane and left two attacking players open in the box.

Going into half-time, the rain and wind were increasing, the pitch was becoming increasingly muddier and Rhode Lane’s kit now resembled something more of a brown strip. Rhode Lane came back out the stronger of the two sides and Cody Thomas scored a rebounded shot to bring the game 1-3. However true to form, Taunton Pumas did what they had previously and pushed forward and placed a great cross into the box which was planted home and brought the game back to 2-3.

In the last 15 minutes of the game, it was end to end with both teams pushing for the win. Rhode Lane were able to break through the Puma’s defence more than once with JJ Goodchild and Daniel Haslam’s speed catching them off guard. This resulted in JJ being able to net a further 2 goals which ended the game as 2-5 to Rhode Land Wanderers.

Rhode Lane’s Man of the Match was JJ Goodchild

Please note, there will be no matches for the next 2 weeks


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