Bridgwater Twinning Week, 13th-19th July 2019, is when the town celebrates its many international links around the world.

Launched at Bridgwater Library 11am on Saturday 13th July, there will be a week long exhibition of internationalism culminating in an event at the Bridgwater Arts Centre on Friday 19th July.

The exhibition will range from Bridgwater’s first twinning in 1957 with the French Provencal town of La Clotat through the central German wood framed town of Hamberg across to the Moravian Czech town of Uherske Hradiste (Britain’s first post velvet revolution Czech twinning) down to the town of Marsa on the Mediterranean island of Malta, back again to the Italian hilltop town of Priverno, taking in the US city of Seattle (where Bridgwater links up every February as part of KEXP Radio Seattles annual Clash festival bringing the 2 towns together) to the imminent 2019 twinning with the town of Camacha on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

On Friday 19th July you are invited to the Annual Twinning Party at the Brigwater Arts Centre 7pm-11pm. For the first part of the evening each twinning group will present films, slides and a talk about the years events and this will be followed by live music from the local ‘Dave the Milkman Big Band’ and guest artistes from Italy ‘The Loreans’ who are from Anzio and play a ‘back to the future’ mix of rock n roll, surf music and beat generation 60s psychedelia.

Tickets are £10

For more information contact [email protected]

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